Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You know your a teacher when...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines yesterday! I am sure the kids will still have some sugar left in their systems so today may be interesting.  I am heading into a high school today to teach science and biology to Grade 10,11, and 12.  Should be a fun day!

I am also linking up with Kindergarten Lifestyle and their "You know your a teacher when...".  If you want a good giggle you should check out their pinterest site and see what all the other teachers are coming up with.  I had a few "yes, sadly that is me" moments.  Especially to this one "You know your a teacher when... your husband tells you to stop pinning and go to bed!".

So here are two that I came up with:


  1. I can't imagine subbing in high school. They're too tall for me.


  2. Hehe I put on my big girl glasses and try to age myself so I appear taller and scary. It worked today and the kids were awesome!


  3. I'm 40 but still look too much like I'm in high school. I doubt I could pull it off. :)

    1. Tammy you are too funny! Keep on rocking the high school look :)