Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Butterfly Snacks

I just had to share this cute snack idea with you!! Today I was teaching Grade 4 and to celebrate completing their testing this year a parent brought this in for all of the students.  It is such a simple idea that I had to blog about it so I would remember how to make it again (because of course I want to munch on the chocolate right now). 

I had such a great day with the kiddos.  I hope tomorrow I am lucky enough to get a great class again!

I also uploaded some new things to my TPT and TN stores.

 My Classroom Support Plan.  This is used to record you routines and procedures, student behaviour plans, seating, ABC recording, and behaviour incident report.  As a sub it is great to read over the classroom routines and procedures before the day starts because routines mean everything. 
 My coin book.  Students can use coin stamps to show the different ways the can make certain amounts.  I used this as a math center when I taught it last. 
My 3D object.  This is one of my favorite hands on geometry lessons.  Using this template students can design their own 3-D object and answer some reflection questions when they are done.

I am finally going to see The Vow tonight with my girlfriends.  I cant wait!!! Hopefully it doesn't disappoint me.

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