Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Teaching Bag

I am linking up with the Clutter-Free Classroom thanks to Mrs. Polands blog at Think, Wonder, & Teach! She just got a new teaching bag from Thirty One and I am jealous! It has a beautiful print and looks like it is a great size for all of the necessities.

But here is my teaching bag:
I love it beacause....

It is large enough to hold my lunch, ipad, and binder.

It has lots of zippered pockets to hold my pens and pencils, cell phone, keys, and hand sanitizer.

It is a pretty color. I heart lavender, I even had a student ask me this week if purple was my favorite color (he thought he was being smart because my cardigan and shirt were bright purple).  I responded with no silly where would you get that idea in my most sarcastic tone.

What do I wish was different about my bag.....

I wish that I had a matching lunch bag :(  However I am looking into sewing my own lunch bag and I will find coordinating fabrics.

I also wish that I had a different coffee mug.  I recently made a huge mess in my bag because my mug went on its side and got everything wet.  Sadly my old notebook, The Help, and part of my agenda were victims in this tragedy.  I would love to find a mug that does not leak, or a bag that has a seat belt for untrusted mugs. However, the mess did force me to throw out some junk that had accumulated in my bag so it is actually very organized right now.

Do I dare show you inside my bag...

Well yes you can see inside my bag.  It has a lot of my teaching essentials, but I will prove it to you.

I have my agenda binder in pink where I record all of my teaching calls.

I have my notebook, this is used to make notes/observations throughout the day.

My Ipad! I cant live without it.

Hand sanitizer... because of the gross germs out there.

Graphing calculator.  I never know what I am teaching and this has come in handy lots.

Water bottle.  I just purchased a new sleeve for my metal water bottle because I was having issues with it "sweating" all over my bag. The sleeve just goes over the bottle and collects any "sweat" or in science terms "condensation" from the water and saves my bag from the mess.

I will still be on the look out for a new lunch bag and coffee mug.  Any suggestions?

My head bands are almost finished so I will post my pictures soon!


  1. My lunch bags are from 31 :)

    Don't know about a coffee mug though.

    I have a zipper pouch bag that has hand sanitizer, lotion, a hair brush, and an extra hair clip.

    I have lots of loose paper and should put it in a binder instead of the cheap folder I had it in. Those are all my masters of papers I can copy if I need fillers like graphic organizers, word searches, etc.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

    1. I am jealous Miss T!! I have started organizing my loose paper into different Grade level binders (and then organized by subject). I have taught Grades 1-5 in my practicums so I am slowly collecting things for each subject area. But I need to re organize my things again.

      Which lunch bag did you pick?


  2. I have this for a coffee mug (I found a purple version for you) So far no leeking problems with it. (Can you tell the ONLY store where I live is a Wal-mart yet? Unless I drive for 90 minutes to the city which I will again today! DOLLAR TREE here I come! Shhhh... don't tell hubby!).

    HAND SANITIZER! That is what I forgot to put in my bag and my whistle. UGH! That would not have been good.

    Mrs Poland @
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. Mrs. Poland you crack me up! I absolutely love this mug :) I am going to have to stop at a walmart while I am in the city and pick it up. I love that it advertises how to drink out of it.

      You can never forget hand sanitizer or the whistle! I like to have my whistle on a cute lanyard so I don't misplace it during the day.


  3. Your bag has a lot of good qualities:) It seems as though it holds a lot, which is a plus! I, too, am a purple lover:) Lily Bloom lunch bags are cute, you may want to google those. I found mind (was purple) at our local Ross - Dress for Less store. Not sure about the coffee mug, as I do not drink coffee. Best of luck, sweetie!!

    Two Fulbright Hugs
    Teacher Timesavers

    1. I just checked out Lily Bloom! I love the style of those lunch bags. I will have to go to Ross the next time I am in the states and see if I can find one. Thanks for the helpful suggestions :)

  4. I have a 31 bag and I have to tell you I love your bag. What mine is missing is some zippers.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  5. Thanks Ms.M! I love my bag because it has zippered compartments so I can organize all of my things. I got this bag at Aritzia ( and I use it every day. I would still really like a 31 bag with my name on it tho :)