Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Wednesday Adventure

I was a little excited for my teaching call this morning and this is why...

It was home economics

and wait for it.....

I got to teach QUILTING! haha

This is one of the PERKS of being a substitute teacher... I get to teach so many different things.

Some of you may know this already, but in my spare time I enjoy putting away on my sewing machine. Although when I took home economics we were never given the option of quilts.... we had to make a standard pair of boxers (I was a keener and got to make a pair of jeans as well.... I think it was more of a make work project for me now that I come to think of it) which is kinda boring.

This class had some ammmmmazing quilts that they were working on and I loved their creative ideas.

The Quilter Geek

 This is similar to the design one kiddo was working on (should I still call them kiddos if they are bigger than me?).  This tetris quilt is too funny.  She made hers with a white background instead of black, but pretty much is the same concept. 

The other quilt was a super mario design.
Sprite Stitch
I don't know where these big older mature kiddos get these ideas, but I have to give them creativity credit.

Overall it was a great day.  Classroom management was a piece of cake.  Most of the noise I heard came from the sewing machines... it was wonderful.


  1. I have a sudden urge to grab my phone and play a game of Tetris.
    Too bad I'm in a staff meeting...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. I love playing Tetris on my ipad.. it is very addicting. Too bad you aren't sitting in a better location so you could play....