Monday, 30 January 2012

Having a case of the Mondays?

I had a very productive morning and I decided to redecorate my blog.  I am still a blog newbie, but I am learning lots from some great expert bloggers.  I am really trying to show my personality in my blog, and I hope it is starting to show.

I also spent some time creating some fun resources for teachers pay teachers.  I focused on Daily 5 last year with a Grade 2 class.  Here are some samples of the resources I used.  I love the coaching bookmark.  It is a great tool to remind students to give hints and encourage their peers to use reading strategies.  This is available at my store on teachers pay teachers.
I have also made a Smart Board Shape Detective Game.  It is a lot of fun for the students to use the clues in order to determine the correct 2D or 3D shape.  This notebook file is also available for download on teachers pay teachers. 

 I also started the binding on my "Monkey Business" quilt today.  This is my first time and my Mom decided to use all of her quilting knowledge in order to teach me.  Well... she started my binding and it looked sooo easy.  Then I began stitching and it seemed really hard, but I am stubborn and was determined to master this.   Then my mom began to laugh hysterically.  For several minutes she had been starring at me wondering why I was having a tough time.  Then she realized that she is left handed and had started the binding with her left hand.  Me, being stubborn, turned the quilt around and decided to stitch backwards but with my right hand (saving me from cutting my thread, and re threading my needle.... definitely the worst part!).  So I have now stitched with my left hand, backwards, and now forwards.  Hopefully Tuesday will be an easier day. 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers, one word... WOW! Why didn't I find this site when I was a desperate practicum student looking for bright ideas?? I am so inspired now and amazed at all of the great things teachers are creating.  I cant wait to add more things to this site.  I just uploaded a Jeopardy Smart Board file onto TPT today.  It is a great science game that can be used as an assessment tool.  This Smart Board file can also be used as a template for any subject.  I know you will love this game because my students LOVED it!  Every time I would turn on the Smart Board they would beg me to play the game again.  Little did they know that I used the game as one of my summative assessments.  It was also a great tool to see my students interact and share their opinion.  I made it a rule that IF they had a differing opinion they must support it with scientific evidence.  It was amazing to hear and I wish I had video tapped the class.  Some students wouldn't agree with their peers, but they couldn't argue their opinion because they didn't understand the concept fully.  Others could "convince" the other students using their scientific logic and that really highlighted their understanding. 

Overall, it was a great "Ahhh" moment when my lesson turned out better than I had previously anticipated.  I hope that you can use this resource as well.

Ok, I know I am a little late... but here is my Currently for January.  I am going to remind myself of my OLW constantly and I am going to fulfill my want! Hello Starbucks, I have missed you terribly (I currently live in a small town that only have one of a kind coffee shops......they are all fantastic, but they are no match for my skinny vanilla bean latte).  Now that I am visiting my parents, one of my first stops will be the closest Starbucks.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Wonderland Quilt

Taffy Talk
Here is my latest project.  The fabric is from Wonderland by Momo.  I have admired this quilt for 5 years and my Mom surprised me this Christmas with the fabric.  I still have a lot more blocks to make, but I am really liking the design so far.  If you are interested in this style of fabric you should take a look at the Taffy Talk Blog.


This is one of my favorite new sites.  It is called KPM Doodles, and you can download tons of different drawings that are great to use in the classroom.  I am currently working on some headers (daily 5, calendar, silent reading, work on words, etc.) that I can attach magnets to and place on the white board so that the class knows the daily schedule.  Here are a few that I have made so far.  Let me know what you think of them.  

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Snow, Snow, Snow

Lucky me! It decided to snow like crazy while my boyfriend was out of town.  I guess I shouldn't complain because I knew what I was signing up for when I moved to a ski town.  However, "we" decided not to buy a snow blower this year and save the money for repairs around the house.  Unfortunately, my back can not handle shoveling the snow as I have three herniated discs.  So my boyfriend had a lot of snow to shovel when he came home from his trip.  He is now reconsidering our original decision, and may look into a plow... a very wise decision. 
A view of our backyard.  I had already shoveled in the morning.
My poor vehicle.  It didn't move for several days and then had issues starting.  I now know that I need to start it regularly because it didn't appreciate the -30 C weather.

On my way home from teaching Grade 4 in Elkford I saw a Doe and her Fawn.  Every time is see the mule deer in Elkford or Sparwood they are always on the sidewalk or using the designated crosswalk.  I wish the kids followed these rules as strictly. 

My New Hobby

I have recently graduated from University and I am still in the process of settling into a career.  I am working as a teacher on call, but I would love to have a full time job with a class of my own.  In my spare time I have started quilting.  This is something that my mom taught me and although I thought I was too young to start this hobby I actually really enjoy it!  Since I am an organizational freak, quilting is right up my alley.  This is a picture of my first quilt.  I found this panel in a small store in Fernie and I knew I had to make it into a baby quilt.  The quilt currently has been custom long arm quilted by my Mom and I will upload a new picture soon.