Sunday, 29 January 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers, one word... WOW! Why didn't I find this site when I was a desperate practicum student looking for bright ideas?? I am so inspired now and amazed at all of the great things teachers are creating.  I cant wait to add more things to this site.  I just uploaded a Jeopardy Smart Board file onto TPT today.  It is a great science game that can be used as an assessment tool.  This Smart Board file can also be used as a template for any subject.  I know you will love this game because my students LOVED it!  Every time I would turn on the Smart Board they would beg me to play the game again.  Little did they know that I used the game as one of my summative assessments.  It was also a great tool to see my students interact and share their opinion.  I made it a rule that IF they had a differing opinion they must support it with scientific evidence.  It was amazing to hear and I wish I had video tapped the class.  Some students wouldn't agree with their peers, but they couldn't argue their opinion because they didn't understand the concept fully.  Others could "convince" the other students using their scientific logic and that really highlighted their understanding. 

Overall, it was a great "Ahhh" moment when my lesson turned out better than I had previously anticipated.  I hope that you can use this resource as well.

Ok, I know I am a little late... but here is my Currently for January.  I am going to remind myself of my OLW constantly and I am going to fulfill my want! Hello Starbucks, I have missed you terribly (I currently live in a small town that only have one of a kind coffee shops......they are all fantastic, but they are no match for my skinny vanilla bean latte).  Now that I am visiting my parents, one of my first stops will be the closest Starbucks.

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