Monday, 30 January 2012

Having a case of the Mondays?

I had a very productive morning and I decided to redecorate my blog.  I am still a blog newbie, but I am learning lots from some great expert bloggers.  I am really trying to show my personality in my blog, and I hope it is starting to show.

I also spent some time creating some fun resources for teachers pay teachers.  I focused on Daily 5 last year with a Grade 2 class.  Here are some samples of the resources I used.  I love the coaching bookmark.  It is a great tool to remind students to give hints and encourage their peers to use reading strategies.  This is available at my store on teachers pay teachers.
I have also made a Smart Board Shape Detective Game.  It is a lot of fun for the students to use the clues in order to determine the correct 2D or 3D shape.  This notebook file is also available for download on teachers pay teachers. 

 I also started the binding on my "Monkey Business" quilt today.  This is my first time and my Mom decided to use all of her quilting knowledge in order to teach me.  Well... she started my binding and it looked sooo easy.  Then I began stitching and it seemed really hard, but I am stubborn and was determined to master this.   Then my mom began to laugh hysterically.  For several minutes she had been starring at me wondering why I was having a tough time.  Then she realized that she is left handed and had started the binding with her left hand.  Me, being stubborn, turned the quilt around and decided to stitch backwards but with my right hand (saving me from cutting my thread, and re threading my needle.... definitely the worst part!).  So I have now stitched with my left hand, backwards, and now forwards.  Hopefully Tuesday will be an easier day. 

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