Monday, 21 May 2012

Closet Organization Complete!

One thing that was driving me CrAzY in my closet was my jewelry.  I couldn't find a system that worked well for me.  As you can see by exhibit A, I had some issues... I think the tree was about to fall over from the number of necklaces I had hanging from it (Can you even tell that it is a tree??).

Exhibit A
So I had a brilliant idea!

Why not use a fish tackle box to organize everything (another classy redneck idea)! These are very reasonable and I managed to find a package of 3 on sale at Canadian Tire. YIPEE

These containers have removable parts so that you can make different size compartments for different jewellery.  This is amazing for necklaces, rings, and earrings (See exhibit B!)

Exhibit B
What I love most about my new organization system is that:

1. My necklaces are all separated and wont get tangled and ruined... (I had to throw a few away due to the tree mess...)

2.  The containers are clear... I can easily see the jewellery I have and can make a quick selection.

3. I can organize each container by colour, necklace length and style! That is important for someone with CDO! hehe.

In other news... I have begun the interview process!  So far it has been exciting... nerve racking... but great.  I have my fingers and toes crossed that I get a full time position soon so that I can start planning.  

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Good Reads!

Mrs. Stanfords Class is having her first linky party all about Good Reads!!! I love it, and I have a few books that I am working on that I think qualify as "Good Reads".

First: "Mockingjay"

I am still reading this book, and I am enjoying it.  I definitely like the first two books better, but this is still a great read from the Hunger Games series.  I also went to the movies and watched the Hunger Games!! It was amazing.  I am very happy that I waited for the crowds to die down before I went.  I absolutely hate lines!

Secondly: The Daily 5 and Cafe

I keep these books on me when I go to work.  I am still reading through them and I cant wait to implement this into my classroom next year.

Lastly: The Lucky One

I haven't read this book yet.... so I am not sure if it is a "Good Read" but I am taking it to Palm Springs so I hope it doesn't disappoint.  Have you read it? What did you think?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Summer Bucket List!

I thought that Teri at A Cupcake for the Teacher came up with a great Linky Party that I had to join!! My bucket list is slowly growing....

1.  Spend a lot of time being a red neck lady... now I am not saying that I am going to hold a gun and wear plaid (you may have had that visual just now)... no... I am going to do classy red neck things...
such as:
- fish
- camp.... I love food camping.. it always tastes better for some reason
- lastly hiking!! I absolutely love hiking in the mountains!

2. Spend some quality time by a pool... I have been fortunate enough to book another vacation to Palm Springs.  This time I am going with one of my best friends.. my MOM! I am soo excited.

3.  Finish my English class.... I have been avoiding it lately.... I am sick of writing papers! I need to find some new motivation ASAP.

4. Lastly... and most importantly... I want to have a call for some of the jobs I applied for so I can do a major happy dance.  I would love a full time job for next year.  Right now I am busy working a second job as a waitress.... it is amazing motivation to find a job :)

So head on over and link up! I would love to hear about your summer wish list :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

MAY Currently!!

Wow.. May... where did you come from...??? I am actually kinda surprised because May snuck up on my like a kinder with wet paint on their hands.... YIKES

However, I have a list of positives when it comes to May..

1. It is beautiful out... well for the most part (I think I have witnessed snow every month of the year... it was a "you know you are Canadian when..." as the snow arrived on Saturday)
2. It is almost the end of one school year... which for me means INTERVIEWS!! yay :)
3. I absolutely love the summer.... it means fishing, swimming, hiking, and consuming small amounts of alcoholic beverages on the deck
4. Farley always posts a currently each month.. and I am an addict. So here is my MAY currently!

All About ME!

I have put together an end of the year package that will be avaliable on TN and TPT tomorrow!

This package is meant for the student to complete at the end of the year and then the teacher can pass this along to their future teacher.  It has a place for the student to:
-create a self portrait
-answer questions about their learning styles
-let their new teacher know something about themselves

Last year the school I was teaching at wanted to introduce something similar to this so that they would have an example of their writing at the end of the year.  I think it would really influence my year plans and help me learn more about each student.

 I also made it in color and black and white using The 3AM Teacher's graphics. 

Have any of my fabulous teachers done something similar to this?  I love hearing all of your ideas.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


So I already discussed my love for hipstamatic on my iphone, but the other photo application that I use is instagram.  It allows me to change the picture quality very easily and post the picture to my instagram site and facebook.

Here are a few that I have recently added. I took both pictures using hipstamtic, and then altered them using instagram...

 Me with my morning Starbucks.... mmm vanilla latte. 
One of my best girl friends, Karissa, with her adorable puppy Decker. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mayday Giveaway!

3-6 Mayday Giveaway!!

Have you heard the news?? 3-6 Free Resources is having an amazing giveaway.... over 14 items!!! All you have to do is be a follower and you are entered into the draw. 

Go check it out for yourself.