Friday, 17 February 2012

Cant stop PINNING!

 Ok... I dont know what happened to this post but I am going to summarize what I think I blogged about..

These are my organization boards! I found these for sale at Chapters for $7.  I was sooo excited and wanted to make a board to organize my to dos, UFO's (unfinished objects), weekly appointments, and motivational quotes. 

I also wanted to have some pretty pins, but I searched the local dollar store and sadly couldn't find anything.. so instead I made my own.

I bought gem stones and pin tacks.

 Added hot glue to the tack, and place the gemstone on top.


I let all of the tacks dry and then I placed them on my organization board.  It was easy peasy!


  1. I am soooo addicted to Pinterest!

    I made some headbands too but mine weren't double sided. Mine were just ribbon, a hair tie, and needle and thread. It was pretty simple.

    Love your bulletin board and pins! :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

    1. Thanks Miss T!

      I have been spending way to much time digitally pinning on pinterest!! Starting my pinterest board was a bad idea for my productivity... lol.

      I think the pattern looks pretty simple... but I may regret saying that later.


  2. This post had me cracking up! Want to know what I was doing today... finishing up the bulletin board that will eventually go behind my teachers desk. And yep... it looks a lot like yours! Well... I covered my cork board in fabric and mixed it up a little. Just wait... I am planning on blogging about it as soon as my last two squares quit arguing with me and cooperate. I tell ya they DO want to be spray painted black they just don't know it yet!

    I am also looking for cute tacks for my board. I like yours but I am not sure it is what I want yet. I saw some adorable ladybug ones but the thingys to make them were ridiculously expensive. I want cute and cheap! I will keep looking...

    Can't wait to see the headbands. What happened to the valentines post?

    Misty @
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. Hey Misty!

      That is soo funny that you were making your board too! I just love mine and I still have lots of blank tacks so I may try and find some cute buttons around the house and turn them into pins too.

      I would suggest a dollar store if you have a good one where you live. That is usually where I start with these crafts.

      I cant wait to see your finished board! I may have to "steal" some of your ideas and adjust mine. I will post some pictures of the headbands hopefully tomorrow if they work.

      If you are looking for the link to the valentines post it should be under my blog archive titled "Happy LOVE day". As far as my actual valentines day.. my "man of the house" didn't read my mind and take me to the vow (such a shock!) lol. Instead we made a lovely dinner and ate lots of chocolate :)