Friday, 9 March 2012

Much Music Coca-Cola Covers

This is definitely a random post but I have to send some love out to one of my bestest friends Karissa.  I kind of forced her to enter this contest because she is an amazing artist, and isn't she a pretty lady :).  I met Karissa while I was attending University in the beautiful windy city of Lethbridge, Alberta.  We both worked at a shoe store and our mutual love for shoes turned into a wonderful friendship.  Now we have both graduated and gone onto our big girl jobs.  But we still find time to to go camping, watch girly movies, and fish.

So anywho, back to the competition... I would love for you to check her out and if you like what you hear please show her some love by giving her a rating (just click on the pic for a direct link).  That would mucho appreciated.

Now I am off to teach high school biology and then I have to quickly rush home to catch my flight! I can't wait to escape the winter blues.  While I am gone I am hosting a sale on my TPT and TN!!

TPT - 15% off from March 12-15th
TN - 20% off from March 9-16th

I am also thinking about ideas for a giveaway!! I am thinking maybe at 40 or 50 followers :)  I may search for something spectacular over spring break.

I hope everyone has a great spring break and I will be back in a week.  I am going to leave you with some instagram photos that I recently created (I heart instagram).
The train bridge near one of my favorite fishing holes.

One of my graduation photos under the legendary Lethbridge bridge (that's a tongue twister).

Fly fishing on the beautiful elk river.

Island Lake, I love to hike here in the summer.

p.s. I hope Fernando doesn't abandon me while I am gone..... I have never had a digital classroom pet before.

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