Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Its a GOLD star day!!

I am giving myself a gold star today! Yep I did some super duper work, and if I had a honeydew punch card it would be full! I finally went into my closet and organized my clothes.  It was a desperate situation, some articles of clothing I have had since high school and they had to go.  I always envision Stacy and Clinton showing up at my house and forcing me to wear these awful items in the 360 mirror.  I could not let that happen.  So I was ruthless... I made 3 piles; keep, toss, and donate.  I even donated more than I kept, YAY! 

Here is my pile of donated items... I still have some more to add but I think it is a great start.  The number of jeans is a little shocking... I am not only addicted to quotes but jeans as well (blushing face).  Last summer I lost over 20 pounds and so most of these jeans are far too big for me now but I am sure someone else will love them.  Happy Dance!

I also have to admit that this was my RAK from last months currently.... I am sure Farley wont mind that I am a little late (THOO THORY).  

This blog was not at all teaching related but I have a good excuse, we are still on strike.  One of the things that the government is trying to remove from our collective agreement is class size limits (among other things).  I really feel that class size can impact the learning environment substantially.  Can you imagine having a class of 30 kinders! I cant imagine... and the possibility of no learning aids to help.  EEEEK! I did write my MLA, and I voiced my concerns, as well as referencing a few journal articles that have evidence regarding class size.  Now I am curious about your views.

- do you have class size limits at your school?
- do you think it impacts the learning environment? 

Please don't let my opinion persuade you, I like a good debate :) 


  1. From the research I have done, the ideal class size is 14-16 students. There are many books and studies that have proven smaller sizes = bigger academic gains. The MET school is one that has focused and created a school based solely upon the evidence of what is best for the students. There is even a book about it called The Big Picture.

    Wanna come clean my closet? =P

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. I would love to have a class with 14-16 students... that would be soo ideal. I am checking out that book, it sounds amazing... I wonder if I can download it on my ipad.

      What are you doing for spring break? I will be in the States ;)


    2. HA! I was told Grad students don't need a break! So it will be the same old same old around here. Hopefully I will be prepping for my new room!

      I just came by to tease you... remember how you wanted to see what my new blog looked like. GO LOOK! It is only half dressed but I want to know what you think!

      Think, Wonder, & Teach