Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What I am Pinning Tuesday

 I am breaking some rules, watch out!!! I am sharing my pins TODAY!! I know this may be a little crazy but I couldn't resist.  I also made this beautiful label using Michelle's creations at The 3AM Teacher.

Now I recently had a post about Eric Carle, and I just found this pin on pinterest.  I love these lesson ideas as well.  There is a lot of emphasis on texture, color, and creativity!!!

I also love Vincent Van Gogh and I fell in love with this bulletin board art.  Isn't it pretty! Each student created a couple circles using specific colors and the teacher put the board together.  Depending upon the grade level I would have the students be a part of the collaboration process. 

This crafty idea made me think of Ethan, my adorable nephew.  He has been doing a great job with his hand print art, so I think that this would be a great idea for him. 

Now this made me giggle, because this is definitely me, 100%, no lies!  I always have huge aspirations for my work outs at the gym.... but I have no self control when it comes to treats. 

I saw the hormone guide recently when I visited a high school.  It made my day!  Now whenever I am a little cranky the males in my life respond with.... here have some wine!!

Lastly... this made me laugh out loud.  Does anyone else have a dog that reminds you of this?? Well my brothers dog has definitely done this!! He is part husky and can not stand being left alone.... he has major panic attacks and loses his cool.  Then when you come home he tries to act all "cool" as if he wasn't worried the whole time you were gone.