Sunday, 1 April 2012

Closet Organization - Update 1

I have to admit I am a little embarassed to even show the before pictures of this closet.  It is bad, I mean really bad.  Prepare yourself.

I decided to reorganize my closet because I have accumulated a lot of junk precious items since university.  I also have a lot of school stuff that I have accumulated over my practicums that still need a classroom home.  Hence, I have spent the weekend throwing out junk, donating a TON of the good things that I no longer use, and making a space that I can actually use efficiently. 

So my first obstacle was making space for my shoes.  I have an awful amount of shoes (even the excuse of being a woman doesn't save me here).  My only real excuse is that I worked in a shoe store for 6 years while I attended university.

Are you prepared to see the before picture... I don't know if you can handle the madness!

So if you look really closely (but not tooo close, it is messy) on the left hand corner you can see my shoe organizer.  I have an identical one on the other side of the closet as well.  I didn't like this system because I couldn't see all of my shoe options at once, and that is very important.

I simply placed my two shoe organizers together and bought a couple more shoe racks to create a shoe wall.

 I tried to find the same shoe organizers that I already had, but unfortunately both Canadian Tire and Walmart no longer carried these.  I was really upset, but then I found a simple shoe organizer and I knew it would be an easy fix.  I purchased 3 of the row shoe organizers and I really like how they display the shoes.  My only complaint is that my super high heels do not fit, so can only place low heels, runners, and flats on this organizer.
 My other difficulty was boots! Does anyone have a great way of storing their boots?? I have yet to find something that I am proud of.  Right now I am using my pants hangers to hang my tall boots.  This system does work but it takes up a lot of space. 

Overall I am very happy with my shoe wall.  It still isn't up to Carrie standards (I would love to have the closet that Big made for her in the first Sex and the City movie) but it is now up to my CDO standards.

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  1. I just watched a show last night called "Clean Freaks". This organizer lady went to some houses and saw what they did for organization and can I say wow. Some of these ladies labeled EVERYTHING.

    One lady did a closet and everything was super organized, labeled, and she took her boots and put towel tubes or wrapping paper tubes to make them stand up so they didn't flop over.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher