Sunday, 29 April 2012


Happy Sunday everyone!!

I had a great week and one of my highlights was receiving my 31 package from Natasha (Thanks to Misty's giveaway). 

I won this beautiful organizational tote!

I choose a bright print and a huge letter A for mine.  I am not married, so I didn't want to put my last name on the bag and then feel the need to change it later.  Right now my bag is full of school supplies that I am using for an online English class that I am taking.  I have been a little MIA, and that class is partly to blame.... I will be very happy when it is all finished. 

I also purchased a matching lunch bag.  I have been admiring everyone's lunch bags and I really  wanted a cute bag to take to school.  So this is what I picked... 
 It is the cupcake theme!! The other side is all cupcakes....yummy.  I thought the bright colors went nicely with my tote, without being too matchy matchy....

Did you notice my weird pictures????  I recently had to pull the plug on my blackberry (may it rest in peace).  It decided to have a mind of its own and send texts in different languages and liked to use the scroll feature all by itself... I tried giving it a time out, took away its battery, but it was a lost cause.  So I upgraded to an iphone 4s.  One of my favorite new applications is Hipstamatic.  In this app, you can choose different camera lenses, flash, and film to create a variety of pictures.  I am still playing around with the features that I like the best... but I am in love.  Has anyone else ever used this app?? Which setting is your favorite?

Here are some of the photos I have taken so far...


  1. Welcome back. Good luck with your class. (That bag looks perfect for such things!)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I just got that same tote this past Christmas. I carry my school things in it and it has held up so well! I LOVE it!!

    I also just ordered my first lunch bag and I LOVE that too!! I also got a purse with two skirts and they're so cute. I'm in love with my 31 items right now! :)