Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Newspaper Board

I have been thinking a lot about certain things that I have to have in my classroom.  Specifically the bulletin board.  I love to showcase students work in a fun and dynamic way!  So here is an idea that I have seen and used and I am going to try and implement it on my own.

It is called the Newspaper Board and it is a way to encourage students to write outside of classroom time.  Each week they are responsible for one newspaper article.  When they bring in there writing it gets posted on the board.  Throughout the week these articles are presented to the class and the students get a chance to "take the stage".

Every month I will change the theme of the newspaper board, for example:
- short stories
- interviews
- picture walks
- poetry
- fun facts/research items

This will keep the students interested, and challenge them in a different way regularly.  Then at the end of the month I can collect their writing and add it to their portfolio.  I can then use the portfolio as a talking piece to showcase their writing development throughout the year. 

I am still investigating some fun science/math bulletin board ideas.... I will keep you posted!!!

ps... the funky frame is provided by The 3AM Teacher... I heart her graphics!